Wednesday, 10 September 2014

AGM 2014

Our Agm will be held on Thursday 18th December in the Ferniegair hall 7 o'clock prompt
All who wish to attend are asked to bring along your permit and any unused tags,which will be as usual put in a draw after the formal business is complete.
We are asking for as many members to come as possible and have your say about how the club can go forward as well as putting  any questions you may have as well as fixing the permit prices for next season and the election of office bearers.
If you intend to be there could you please email me at the the blog address below so we can get a rough idea how many will be attending.Thanks.
Hope to see a full house.
Tight Lines


Kick Sampling

Two of our committee members recently took part in a CRIMP workshop run by the Clyde River Foundation .
This will enable us to monitor the well being of our river by doing monthly kick samples, noting and recording the population of the invertebrates vital to the life of the river and also detect any signs of pollution.
Well dome to the guys for attending the workshop .
tight Lines