Thursday, 30 December 2010

New season approaching

Mr Canny has been busy again producing a poster for us, what  between photographic and design work invaluable Thanks Stevie appreciated. I f anyone is interested in looking for membership
Here are two links to our main web site
  Permit outlets and prices
Printable application form
You can also visit the full site, There is a link at the end of the article.
Alternativley e mail us on the web site contacts e mail address if you have any questions

Reminds me and to other's fly tying back on next thursday 
Lastly to everyone have a happy healthy and prosperous new year lang may yer rod bend an yer reel sing

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Shumakov Tube

 We have a new tutorial on the web site of a shumakov bottle tube view it here


The tutorial has been done in conjunction with,

 The tutorial will also shortly be viewable at

Where there will also be an online list of materials and links to stock, for material ordering to tie the fly.
 Many thanks to Paul and David  at the  for there invaluable help,and support
Last but not least our own Steve Canny for the hot coffee  pizza and the as ever great photography work
at his studio
 Can we wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year

Here we go

Thats the new prices and application on web site.Wee gremlin kept playing with date it refused to update but, we are there now and sorted. I am only trying to be a fisher (still practicing) be gentle on me.
 Details on a 14ft fly rod  for a raffle also on site in sponsors page
 Everything going well there will also be a new sbs in tutorials late thursday evening.
sol duc dark

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas 2010 Blantyre

Sent in by Alan again some winter pictures of the weir, Christmas eve 2010

Fly tying has stopped for the christmas holidays. It will resume on January the 6th at usual place usual time.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Whats happening

We would like to wish all members and sponsors a merry  christmas and a happy new year
New permit prices, and  an amended printable application form,are being prepared and will be uploaded to the main web site in the next few days.just about done.
 Daiwa have donated a 14 ft fly rod ,and new raffle details on web site shortly,there are more prizes and this will be updated when prizes are recieved in coming weeks
Fly tying will be on this thursday weather permitting

Gone fishin

  North calder run just opposite the mouth of the North calder

Saturday, 18 December 2010


  Many thanks to all  the members who came along to the agm last night and supported the association,
 The new ticket price structure will be updated on the web site in the next week, The printable application form will be updated on the web site. And  the paper version avaliable through Sandie Queen as  contacts in the the web site,
Sandie modelled the new prototype mid clyde microfleece jacket at the end of the meeting .I should have had the camera.It is not as yet avaliable, as it has to be put through some testing

 Steve canny scourced a supplier of clothing and done the work for the logo templates on the jacket and got the test model made,he has also supplied the photography many thanks Stevie,job done well as usual

 We are looking at starting to use paperless systems where we can  update and correspond with members wherever possible, We will be asking you if you want this option in the near future


Thursday, 16 December 2010


I know it is very late notice, but due to things outwith our control, we have had to cancell this evenings fly tying class

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Fish Identification

Lost this for some reason anyway its back up,many thanks to Alan Jack for forwarding the link,on a fish id chart,and the picture below AST %26 Robin Ade.pdf

Looking from red bridge at Grey friars today.

Diary for the week

Thursday fly tying as usual weather dependant,usual time usual place usual suspect's, If it is postponed will put up note but would think only heavy snow would cause this

Friday The Agm,

 Details for times and venues in previous posts.

Looking down towards the old viaduct Blantyre .Picture supplied by Joe Hayes another member of the association

The Skirlie

Why do some people call the Skirlie,the Astra ? Is it that when you hook a fish it is fireworks, or just that old car.
 This was guiding the winner of the  auction for a days guided fishing for, the ladies charity casting for recovery

Picture kindly supplied by Steve Canny,a member of the association

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Weather and fly tying

Due to the weather we have cancelled the fly tying this week.Weather permiting we will tie our grey dusters next week for our river trouting next season

Looking from under the David Livingstone memorial bridge to the neck ,before the river continues into the flats with no snow in site

Sunday, 5 December 2010

This week fly tying

The beginers will be tying a grey duster dry fly and some varients,one of the great go to dry fly patterns for me anyway when on any river for trout works on lochs  as well.
 On the left is the original which has no tail, the version on the right has a tail of fibres the same as the hackle
 Two size 16 grey dusters.
Kinermony Flame thrower.
 I love a touch of blue in my flies and seen these flamethrower varients ( pics below) on another site, me being me had to tie a couple.
 Will i fish them next season ,if i remember they are in my box its  probable i will, Will they catch knowing me no but someone will borrow one and catch on it as usual

Saturday, 4 December 2010

A winter river today

Blantyre weir today
Bothwell bridge and the Lido
 Pictures submitted by Alan Jack
 Alan was out and about today, and as  he is the field editor he sent these in thanks.