Tuesday, 26 February 2013

postal applications update

We now have the new address for the postal application forms for Salmon season permits.
Please send them to.
Mr Alex Queen
8 Elm Way

One of our members at Daldowie water.
Tight lines.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The big day

We had our opening day yesterday and had a great turn out estimated at 100
Thankfully the weather was kind to us as we headed off behind the piper on the march to the river.
Our Chairman John McClean gave a speech where he thanked everyone for attending.

Next Baillie Anne Simpson said a few words and officially opened the season 2013.

John then toasted the river 

Jacob Kerr was asked to have the first cast and get the season under way.

Some of the  MCAA committee and Baillie Simpson
We also held a minutes silence for Mr Eddie McVey  one of your members who sadly died a couple of weeks  ago. 

Then we all headed back to the club for some refreshments.

Thanks to David Reid from http://www.riverclydefishing.com/ for his video footage

On behave of the committee I would also like to thank Carmyle Bowling Club for once again offering us there facilities to use.
Baillie Anne Simpson for the opening ceremony.
And finally, everyone who turned up and made it a great day.

I received an email from Scott Rutherford from http://www.totalfishinglanarkshire.co.uk/ to say he landed and returned  a two and a half pound Trout at Greyfriers on a Toby.Well done Scott.

On a sadder note he went on to say that he saw an angler with a dead Kelt, approached him to ask him about it and show him the tell tale signs that it was indeed a Kelt.
Guys it is illegal to take unconditioned fish and at this time of year if you do hook a fish there is a 95% chance it will be a Kelt.
Have a look at the Salmon recognition chart and please put them back if you have any doubts.
Tight lines.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Quids in

Scott Rutherford from http://www.totalfishinglanarkshire.co.uk/  has been in contact with us and has very kindly offered to sponsor the first Spring fish from Mid Clyde.
He will give the captor a £50 Total Fishing Lanarkshire voucher.
The rules are as follows.
The fish must be Caught  between now and  the end of April.
The fish must be released unharmed.
It must be reliably witnessed,preferably by a bailiff.
Scott would also like to encourage anyone who catches a fish to bring the pictures into the shop and he will put them up on display.
Thanks to Scott.
Rotten run
Tight lines.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Postal Permits

As our treasurer is in between houses just now he has asked if anyone is posting Salmon permit application forms could they please give him a phone beforehand and get the address for these forms to be sent to.
This will save time as redirected mail might take longer to reach him.
You can contact Alex on 01698 889472.
The Flats.
Tight Lines.


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Almost there

With the new season just around the corner there is a good possibility you might hook a couple of Kelt in the early months,these fish must be handled carefully and returned to the water.
Kelt are fish that have spawned ,The tell tail signs are,long and thin with an oversized head,saggy belly,distended vent,gill maggots and the fact that it dose not give a good account for it's self  is another sign that you have a Kelt, also not all Kelt are coloured up as a well mended Kelt often turn silver again.
If in doubt please put it back.
Summer time at Sovereign Gait

Click Here  for fish identification.

Tight lines.

Opening day 2013

We are holding our opening day on the 16th February at the Carmyle Bowling Club, assembling at 9:30am and we will be piped to the water where the speeches, opening and first cast for the season will take place.
Afterwards you are invited back to the club for a bite to eat and tea and coffee, where there will be raffle tickets,Trout permits and this year there will be a limited amount of Salmon season permits for sale,so if you don't yet have you'r permit this is an ideal time to purchase it,it also saves waiting for the postman.
If you do intend on getting a Salmon season permit on the day please remember to bring two passport sized photographs along with you.
Can I take this opportunity on behave of the Mid Clyde committee to wish Ian who, due to circumstances had to resign from the committee,Ian worked tirelessly within the club and had a hand in most of the events the club had going on.Good luck in the future Ian.
Click Here for permit prices
A winters afternoon at the Bridge Pool

Hope to see you all on the 16th.
Tight Lines.