Sunday, 29 January 2012


The Hoover part of the purchased fishings, in winter spate

Opening day this year will again be held in Carmyle, Sat the 11th of febuary
The event will be open from around 10,30 am and the piped march will commence between 11,30 and 12,00 leading on to opening speeches a toast to the river and the first cast
A size 2 Cascade varient on a single hook

This year we are having a joint celebration .
This is or 20th season as an association and fishing the Clyde
And to also showcase or new fishings in this area,which members have purchased

The river looking towards Carmyle weir in winter spate and part of the purchase

The Bowling club in  Carmyle  is where we are meeting and  here is the address and a link to there site The club is situated in River Road, Carmyle, Glasgow G32 8EG.
  The bowling club are making there facilities avaliable to us and there will also be a simple buffet put on off filled rolls  hot foods, (made and supplied by Davie and Mary who run the Broomhouse community centre) Hot and cold drinks as well as the bar service of the club in hours will also be avaliable

A Half grey and Brown Irish classic salmon fly

Free fishing will be avaliable to non members on the new stretch after the ceremony is completed , as well as help for people new to or considering angling  please be there in time  to register your intent to fish and  get your voucher for this from one of the bailiffs in attendance

 The Glasgow angling centre are now an additional outlet for Our Migratory day tickets,Brown trout and Coarse season and day tickets, they also have full season migratory application forms

Grey Duster

One of our main partners Glasgow anling centre will be hosting there ever popular open weekends in march and we will be represented there over the three days and avaliable for any help and guidance on our fishings
 well worth a visit for a bargain and a yap with an angling celeb or some up to date tips as you will see in the link above

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Spring Stock Enhancement

As discussed at the AGM we approached one of our main partners Locally known as the Glasgow Angling Centre,and they have agreed to support us in this trial initiative for Mid Clyde that can only be good for the river and all parties concerned, Many thanks from Mid Clyde Angling Association To Paul and his Staff for the continued support of us and the much appreciated help in this venture
 Migratort fish ,brown trout and coarse day tickets as well as non migratory season tickets will also be avaliable soon at Glasgow Angling Centre
A Half Yellow And Black

We are a developing fishery and slowly appear to be building a precious spring stock, we would like to encourage and develop this precious rescore so would like to trial this voluntary project and hopefully the membership will support us in this.
Mid Clyde Angling Association along with one of our partners Glasgow Angling Centre are trialing a unique spring stock enhancement for the months of April and May this year.
The scheme is voluntary and is totally up to the individual member. It will run alongside the existing carcass tagging scheme.
As a member if you are lucky enough to catch a spring fish in April or May you can, as we have been doing and will continue to do so over the season, return the fish or take it and use one of your five tags.
If you wish you can return the fish then submit a photograph of the fish signed by yourself and a witness, if possible along with one of your current tags, and will receive a £20 voucher for Glasgow Angling Centre.
Please bear in mind by submitting a tag you are reducing the amount of fish you can take as your season’s quota.
The vouchers will be issued around the middle of the following month.
All submissions will be entered into a final prize.
The final decision to supply a voucher will remain at the discretion of MCAA and Glasgow Angling Centre and their decision shall be final.
Please forward the following if you wish to enter your fish for the voucher reward
1, Name address and membership no.’s
2, A photograph of the fish with your signature and a witness if possible.
3, The location where the fish was caught and method that was used.
3, One of your current issue of tags.
Entries must be received no later than one week from end of each month
Forward all entries to John Taylor, 25 Liddle Drive, Bo’ness EH51 0PA

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bank tidy up

Just a quick one guys to let you know this sunday  15th/January at 1000 am, the bowling club River road Carmyle , We are meeting to do a bank clean up. Anyone wishing to help is very welcome to come along and help Weather permitting please check in before leaving incase weather is inclement
 We should have an interesting announcemebt soon just dotting some I's and crossing some t's so watch this space
 The Gordon fully dressed salmon fly