Monday, 5 March 2012

What did you do this weekend

Well we went to the Glasgow angling centre as a guest of the Paul Devlin and his staff  who were absolutley fantastic and cant be thanked enough.
 Our task was networking and to promote Mid Clyde Angling Association
 We made many new friends as well as meeting existing good friends and some old but well kent faces
The Angling Centre

We were there from Friday to Sunday inclusive and had a very enjoyable and thourghly productive time that will hopefully benefit all parties, I was amazed at the amount of interest and help that was forthcoming as soon as people knew who we were and a bit about us.
 Over the next few weeks i shall be corresponding with the people and see what we can get to materialise from this which if half it does. will benefit the river and its anglers as well as the people who are offering there help
Over each day there were fly tying demos of small trout flies to large synthetic pike baitfish flies  saltwater flies every kinda fly.Loads of tips instruction and help passed on from all who demonstrated
 A nice thing casting for recovery a cancer charity for ladies were there and there time was spent teaching young kids , They had large jar of lolipops for the kids but said i needed proof of age to get one
 Here some visitors can seePaul Procter (Orvis),Dougie Loughridge(Patridge) and Dave Edwards (Bug Bond) getting on with passing on there skills and knowledge to all
 To tell the truth all the reps and and angling celebs were superb always smiling and having time for everyone especially the youngsters who came along. There were that many names and everyone superb sorry for not metioning
 There were many other displays from all the manufacturers ,a small pond outside to test bait plugs right next to the guys selling and servicing outboards
 Next to the shop you could try singlehanded rods in the test pond and i tried a few,
At applecross basin there were casting demos and tips with instruction mostly for the double handed and speycasting
 Scott Mackenzie (DTX) and some people from MCAA in the background getting tips and a demo of his newest speycasting rods and lines
So a very good weekend was had and many thanks to Paul his staff and all the who attended visitors exhibitors and angling celebs for a very enjoyable three days