Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Furthering the Quest

Clydesmill power station opposite Carmyle
Above is a picture of the old power station that sat on the south bank of the river Clyde next to Carmyle weir (Opened 1916 closed 1978)   Kemp Meikle has been doing a lot of research on the past history of the river and,came accross document logs from i think the manager of the Cydebridge steel works (also sometimes known as clydebridge) Tata works now where the Astra pool is that sat on the south bank of the river Clyde  
 He found stuff stating that the intake to the cooling system for the steelworks was choked by salmon in 1917
Here is a link to the web site for the steelworks with many interesting facts and a lot of history

More images of the power station


 The Raffle has been drawn and in the next few weeks as soon as the prizes that have been donated are recieved, we will announce the winners
could  this be in a raffle prize amongst other salmon flies

 Tiger turbo disc

Apolagies for the lack of updates recently been that many things going on,just have not had the time. But as most of you will know there are some lovely fish being caught in the river and a good nos being returned we seem to be having a good year

 Anyone been out for seatrout some flies for

Last night we were back at Auchlochan retirement village doing a tying demonstration for the residents and a great night was had by all,we tied an Invicta, Pheasant tail nymph and a traditional spey salmon fly on a gut eyed 3/0 long dee hook the black king should have taken a pictre of never thought
Traditional spey fly
For the trout anglers i have been hearing good things about a new book on fishing the Clyde for trout and the flies of the Clyde, which were worked there craft on the clubs and associations waters long before Mid Clyde  existed on parts of the river above Motherwell which were largley pollution free, be nice to go along with my collection of other clyde  trout books
 An ash dun not clyde style will leave that to the experts of the Clyde