Sunday, 20 November 2011

Grayling fishing

With the Salmon and Trout seasons now finnished and the new seasons a long way off my thoughts have turned to Grayling , as there is no set seasons for these fish on Mid Clyde unlike other rivers whose Grayling season starts on the 15th November until 15th January  You can fish for them from the end of the Trout season to the start of the Trout in March
As far as I know Grayling on our part of the Clyde  are little fished for so my expectations were high, I was talking to one member back in August who was fishing for Trout and managed to pick up four Grayling on a small gold head, so they are there.
On Saturday I went to a local farm  and dug some worms, in my oppinion you cant beat manure dug Brandlings for the Lady of the stream,other anglers use flies some use maggots or sweet corn, it's worms all the way for me .
For info on Grayling and how to fish Brandlings click the link bellow.
A guy I work with and myself set off on Sunday morning and headed for the newsagents at the bottom of Station Road to get a permit for him, as I have a season ticket for salmon it covers me for Grayling untill 31 December.
I have had my salmon permit for about seventeen years on Mid Clyde and this was the first time I had ever fished for Grayling on it.
The total for the day was 5 Grayling landed a couple lost and one wee Brownie.
We both had a great day but I think it will fish better if we get a couple of hard frosts
So if like me you are going stirr crazy,why not have a try for the Lady of the steam,  and if you dont have a season ticket a fiver for a days  fishing cant be bad.
Grayling is covered by the  Coarse permit.
You never know you might end up with one like this.

Permit details are on the main web site.
All fish were returned safely to fight another day.
Tight Lines.

Bank Maintenance

Fiery Brown

Our winter bank maintenance programe is under way .Rab has already been active in this,
so now with the season closed we would like to ask if members would like to help us
. We plan to meet every Sunday at 10am through the winter,with a slight modification in the Christmas holiday period (which we will tell you about nearer the time) weather permitting please check in blogg  here before leaving as river may be to high or weather to foul, we will try to update no later than 9 00am on the sunday morning if cancelled due to conditions

 First  meet is on Sunday December the 4th at 10.00am All meet at The Bowling Club area.1 River road Carmyle,G32 8EG