Saturday, 30 June 2012

What a week

Red Rover
 varient classic salmon fly favourite of the north east scottish rivers
From wishing for rain to wishing it would go away we have had it all. But the good thing is it has brought fish in anglers out on the river have been doing very well with the days they could get out with reports of nos caught in a day, into double  figures and a lot of them into the 12 to 14lb category a couple at 17lb and a 20 even reported.
    Anglers need to be reminded of etiquette on the river please read and take heed of some things in your permit books which we have to re highlight here after reading of and recieving complaints from members of some members behaviour and possible day ticket visitors behaviour which is not acceptable,

                                           ETIQUETTE ON THE RIVER
1,You must not begin fishing in front of any other angler without his consent
2,If you leave the river for any reason, this does not give you the right to walk back to the position where you were fishing,without consent from the anglers that are fishing behind you, In which case you may start fishing at the top of the pool or run when it is your turn to do so
3,You must not fish in one spot continuosly,it should be cast then two steps,cast then two steps repeating as you fish down the pool, Also leave a reasonable space between you and any other anglers
4,The taking of alcohol and drugs whilst fishing is totally irresponsable and unsafe for yourself and others on the river, so this will not be tolerated
5, Under law you are not aloud to take alchol or drugs in a public place

Very Annoying
                  There are guys who spend a lot of time tidying and improving the banks  for our members and visitors, that are quite disapointed to put it in a mannerable way, Especially after the improvements at the weir, When members and on good  knowledge some day ticket visitors have basically left there rubbish and empty beer and bottles as well as disregard for the association rules and guidlines the countryside, A well respected face who is willing with friends to improve the river they fish for themselves members visitors and river usersWho is,also willing to help less experienced and visiting anglers, gets this kind of insult, Ashamed isnt the words
 People complain about the scottish water pollution but think its alright to leave there rubbish, well start taking your mess away and dispose of it properly get a bit of respect for the river and others who use and do respect it, then you may get some respect back and be welcome at the river, carry on like this honestly then you are not welcome
 Some more information recieved an angler walking his dog at the weir pool had to take the dog to the vets for a cut caused by a broken bottle
 Next an angler just having his Simms waders  repaired was down only to get them damaged on an empty local drinks bottle, that was thrown in the water

Ballon Caddis

 River Walkabout
 In the constant battle and trying to address pollution issues we have a river walkabout planned along with Scottish water and Sepa to identify and try to help remidy pollution problems
 Meet at David Livingston footbridge Blantyre 09/07/2012, 10.00am the walk wil cover the river from Blantyre to Uddingston. This is open to anyone who wants to attend even local people who may just like to walk the dog or take a stroll along the river

Looking down from David Livingston footbridge to the Mill stream  before the river rounds the corner to the Flats
Casting Tackle Clinic

Unfortunatley due to the rain we have no choice but to cancel tommorows casting / tackle event its just not safe to do so

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fish about

 Tivri Classic Fnnish Salmon fly

 Today the Mail on Sunday carried a story by Claire Diamond, about the Return of the salmon and it reastablishing itself on the Clyde, and its tirbuataries It also highlighted reasons for its decline in years gone by and, some of the things its up against in its restablishment, and the plight of the angler to help reastablish and secure a future stock for the Clyde

Well last week we got rain but it kinda stumped the fishing till after the weekend , through the week anglers out and about have been catching fish and seeing fish with some large fish 20lb estimated lost and seen   Fish have been seen atBlantyre weir trying to get past to head upstream. So get out there guys and enjoy
  By the end of the week coming to this weekend  the rain came back and no let up so the weekend was kinda stumped from reports back on friday night. A bit of luck and Monday morning should see the river back in condition and we should see guys out and hopefully more fresh fish showing

 A parsons featherwing classic for fishing

              Next Sunday 1/7/12 Blantyre weir bit of casting practice about 10.30 am to 14.00  pm Bring your fly rods reels lines get a bit of help try anyone elses stuff learn about different casts tackle set ups, how to trim shooting heads make braided loops etc  just everyone sharing and helping 

 The Future
 From some reports Anglers have been taking more than one fish in a day we know there is a tagging system and its the individuals chioce, and a limited basket for the season but just think do you really need  two fish,and the rivers future is in your hands, we can only ask, and try to do things to improve your fishing and river stocks, just think that could be parentage for another couple of fish in coming years

 On thursday we had a report of Scottish water discharge at Hamilton sewage works this has been acted on and letters and reports are all on there way to the bodies concerned as well as the Crown and our legal advisors
As are a few other recent reports
 Guys we are working hard at this if you see a new incident please take pics contact sepa the Association immediatley even contact us here on the blog
 If you can also forward pics a location etc we can do a report with maps and drawings to build or case
 Here are all the contacts from our web siteMid clyde and sepa contacts

 Last but not least please go enjoy your fishing and look after your river

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Clean up Cancelled

Hi guys but unfortunatley due to the wet weather and rising river wee felt it best cancel the planned bank maintenance work for tommorow

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bank maintanemce
                              This sunday wee are having a little bit of tidy up of the banks down at the hoover area opposite Cambuslang. If interested in coming along for a bit .we are meetimg in Morrisons  supermarket car park for 0930 am sunday 17/06/12. Please bring suitable clothing
Pool map and location for Morrisons
Locations map

  On sunday the 01/07/12 we are having a little casting club type thing more details later in the week and we hope to get it as an on going event once a month
 Bring your rod reel line get help setting up help with casting loooking for a new set up try some other members stuff
Down at the river yesterday for a look a bit more water  and coloured .In the short time i was there a fish reported lost and a mention but unconfirmed of one caught, There were also fish visible at the weir and  at the fish pass trying to make there way upstream .

Saturday, 9 June 2012

season changes

Well our spring fishing is now over, it was a bit quieter than last year with only five fish reported to us four of which were returned and one kept. We also have unconfirmed report of another two caught and returned
   One of the fish were entered into our spring fish initiative and by returning the fish and surrendering his tag back to us, a voucher for £20 courtesey of Glasgow angling centre has been forwarded to the angler.
 April and May saw a lot of low water and not many fish, although they were present and could be seen at times at the weir in Blantyre and other areas, Every time we got a bit of rain anticipation went up hoping the fish were here, fish were caught but not what we were all hoping for, Anway lets keep at it and hopefully the rewards will come
 Dtx day has passed and it was enjoyable and i think most people enjoyed going on  the feeedback i have had,. On the back of it we are now re looking at a wee casting club help type thing and hopefully the first one will be the last sunday of this month I just have to discuss things with the committee and hopefully it will be up and running if it gets the nod more info will be published later on at end of the week