Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The importance of reading your permit.

I went for a couple of hours on Monday evening and when arriving at the bridge below the Blantyre weir I saw a fisherman on the inside of the power station compound trying to climb out,I approached him,introduced myself and asked him why he was in there,he said he was fishing on the gabion baskets, got snagged and walked up to try and free his lure and fell in but managed to get out but on the wrong side of the fence,I asked him if had a permit,yes he said,I asked if he had read it,no he said.
I explained that there is no fishing allowed where he was, one of the reasons is it is dangerous as he had already found out. It Turned out he had just bough a day ticket and stuck it in his pocket and never looked at it
I gave him a hand and managed to get him round the barbed wire, albeit with ripped waders,jacket and hands and nearly going back in twice.
Guys please read the club rules on the permits in this instance he was lucky, it cost him sore hands, waders,jacket and a phone,could have been worse a lot worse.

. Tight Lines.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Water Safety

A few of the guys at MCAA attended a water safety course to day.
It was presented by Dr.George Parsonage MBE from the Glasgow Humane Society.down at Glasgow Green
Some of it involved how to throw ropes to people who have been unlucky enough to find them self s falling in.
It was explained to the group the importance of how to use these ropes instead of putting yourself in danger and jumping in after someone,might sound strange but it happens all the time.
He demo'd the procedure and gave us a go.
The object was to throw the rope to the casualty, in this case life belts which were lying on the grass.and you would be surprised just how close some of the guys got to the targets.
He showed us a home made one and is simply a rubber ring (the type you would buy for a dog)with a rope tied to it,after the course was finished we all decided to make one and keep it in our fishing bags ,just in case.
The rest of the time George gave us a talk about general river safety and some of the past experiences he has had. We were also shown how to use ropes to get up and down steep or muddy banks.He also mentioned about us fishermen/women not wearing life jackets or buoyancy aids when out fishing,something which got me thinking about taking mine out the drawer and start using it.
Personally I think we all need to think about using buoyancy aids.

Some of the guys having a go

Rab in full flight.

I would like to thank George for his time and expertise. 

Tight lines.