Sunday, 15 July 2012

Goings on at Mid Clyde

Fishing past week
   Well guys yet another very wet week and river out of sorts . The rain stopped for the end of the week and the river became fishable People out on the water have been reporting all sizes of fish even some grilse and sea trout. Last night fresh fish could be seen creeping up the edges showing every now and again, hopefully the rain will abait a bit and we can get some more favourable conditions last night was high but jsut fishable with fly and carrying a bit of colour but there was visibility in the water

Eastern european anglers
The angling trust has produced a small booklet and also has details to help educate and get anglers all working together visit here
lBuilding Bridges with Migrant Anglers

  Last Satarday

 We attended the first Broomhouse gala day event, made possible by these two superb people who do an awfull lot for us and the local community of Broomhouse in Glasgow
Davie the manager and Mary his assistant very well respected for the work they do

 The Local boy scouts  Broomhouse done the burgers and beverages
Some of the events indoors with a dj also playing some music to help the mood along, we had badge and key ring making as well as a picture  painting comp for the kids, food and candy stalls A tresure chest and keys competition Guess the sweets in the jar, did i say the local dog rescue and ourselves doing a fly tying demo
Some pictures before the event started in the hall
 Getting prepared
What next how long till we start
Fly tying

Dog rescue
some flies
Lets see whats outside fancy some chips
the oil getting hotter

Dont put water on it
 Many thanks to strathclyde fire brigade for more home safety fire tips and help please visit

Fancy kicking a ball who is this having a bit of fun with the kids passing on help and tips

Tommy has a new trainning regime
 The scouts have a go John and Billy show how to

A bit of Zumba
 Well thats us just now many thanks for being invitedto take part and hello to all the new friends made

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wi a wee yella string

17.30 Sat Blantyre weir
As it was sang the river levels this week have been up and down like a red yo yo, One minute clearing dropping and fishable and fish being taken , next minute rain colour and rising, very eratic weather and river conditions this week. But to those who ventured the rewards were there to be tried for,One angler had a 4lb brownie on the salmon fly nowt new but lets you know the stamp of some of the non migratory fish

Mergansers on the fish pass zoom in (A give up keep putting in right way up)

Yesterday we attended the first of a new Gala day held at Broomhouse community centre where we do the fly tying with the Kids great day great event, I will get an article put up through the week when i have time so much going on at the event tons of pics and comments so watch this space

Some flies tied at the event

Some more from last night at weir
 The fish pass