Tuesday, 29 April 2014


One of our members caught this plump Sea Trout last night, it took a home tied fly and gave a terrific fight before being unhooked and returned.

With our Spring fishing drawing to a close tomorrow night Scott at Total Fishing Lanarkshire has agreed to extend his offer of a £50 voucher for the first Spring Salmon caught and released until the end of next month
Thanks to Scott.
There has been as far as we understand  5 Salmon and a couple of Sea Trout caught so far including the one pictured above.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Few and far between

We have had a report of a 12 pound sea liced fish getting caught yesterday in the bridge pool,no more details have been given.
.As far as we know that makes the tally so far this season to 4 ,like last season it is a bit of a slow start but they are there.
Now for something or someone else that is, Few and far between.
Mr John Clark

John has decided to resign from his post as MCAA secretary.
He feels that after seven years in the job it is time for him to stand down and let someone else to take up the post .But he will carry on with  bailiff duties.
Man of many titles Rab Donnely has agreed to step in as temporary secretary until the AGM,thanks to Rab for that.
The committee would like to thank John for the years of service and hard work he has put in since joining Mid Clyde and wish him well in future ventures .Anyone who knows John will agree what a top bloke he is and will be sorely missed at the committee meetings.
Thanks JC.

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Saturday, 5 April 2014


Just to let you know that the voucher from TFL still has not been claimed,we have had reports of at least three fish being caught in our waters one of witch was a sea liced fish caught above the weir at Blantyre but so far no one has claimed the prize.
The voucher offer from Scott will run until the end of this month.
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