Thursday, 19 May 2011

Great Job

Superb stuff young Mr Canny , The web site for mid clyde has been re done to be more user friendly and pleasing on the eye by young Stevie Canny (scanny)
 Think he has done a great job, all just going over it and tweaking and double checking.
Seen below a young angler playing a salmon  on a spinner yesterday, which he lost,Superb attitude not a moan or mump just kept plugging away for another fish keen as mustard
Minutes before another member lost one, and i think 4 were lost before that and to all intentions one on fly on monday

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Catch and release

 Guys was sent recent pics of a fish returned to the clyde,It was distressing to see that the fish was held up in the air by the tail of its wrist for a picture,
 Not taking away from the lucky captor,but this can break the spine of the fish and also being out of water all its organs full weight will be compressing on itself  
 We did have a link to a catch and release document for your guidance up on the blog,but that has been removed by the host
Untill we get the document on the web site if anyone would like a copy please e mail the association web site and we shall return an attached copy of the document

Thursday, 12 May 2011


Over the years we have heard stories of Salmon being caught in the Clyde long before the regeneration to what is seen today,Various locals have told us stories of fish in the 1940's50's do you know any we would like to here about them,
This brings me on to another subject if they did were there any particular flies for Salmon, that were of clyde origin . Just like the famous Clyde style trout flies,for which the upper river is famous the world over for and has been well documented in books written by local anglers,passing the patterns down and leaving rercords of this for future generations
 If people were fishing for Salmon and by fly what did they use. Was it Tweed or Ayrshire patterns or from rivers further afield , as i said if you know please let us know
 I have started to learn to tie classic salmon flies the ones the Victorians used to tie and fish,and would love to find if there were any local patterns, and hopefully one day tie the flies.
Here are some pictures of my first attempts at a fly called the Red Rover , documented as far as i can tell in George M Kelsons 1894 book "Salmon Flies"
 About George Kelson

1,Original red rover

 2, Variation on the Red Rover
 A big serious learning curve for me and a lot to learn
If you would like to see more classics and learn about them

I f

Monday, 2 May 2011


 Sorry guys, for the delay and lack of updates on the web site ,as they say a technichal hitch, sorted out now.  Please check in for more updates to the site and blog for things that may be of interest.
We have added a quick link button to take people to the permits page and printable  application form quicker
Also hoping to make the catch return form into a form you can fill in on your computer update etc and e mail to web site at end of year with your membership number
The news has also been updated and a link to the five year catch return
There will be a new sbs being uploaded in the tutorial section in the coming days