Sunday, 28 November 2010

Fly tying postponed

There will be no fly tying class this thursday  02/12/10, due to committee buisness, in advance of the agm.
It will resume as normal the following thursday 09/12/10  at 7.30pm.



Grayling.(Thymllus thymallus)

Grayling or The Lady of the stream as some people call them, are a fresh water species and a member of the Salmon family. Males have a much larger dorsal fin than females.. She used to be persecuted by anglers for her ability to stop trout colonising stretches of rivers and streams. They are largely a shoal species and therefore can out-compete the more individual trout.

They live in some of our rivers but not all, they are a bottom feeder and can be found in rivers with swift running water and deep currents rocks and gravel beds the presence of which is a sign of the purity of the water. They grub about picking up all sorts of food from a variety of invertebrates mainly insect larvae and falling insects settling on the water , although they are mainly a bottom feeder they will take both dry and wet flies in summer months when the water heats up.

Life cycle.
They spawn in the summer but unlike some other Salmonoids never leave the river. They tend to shoal up more in the winter months.  The British record stands at 4bl 3oz captured by a Mr R S Lanigan from the river Frome, Dorset in 1989

Baits .
A favourite bait for them in the winter months is the Brandling worm trotted under a float along the river bed, personally I use a two size 14 hooks tied about two inches apart ( depending on the size of the worms) The head of the worm on the bottom hook the tail on the top, all this is weighted down with split shot smallest nearest the hooks getting bigger towards the float with a AAA just below the float to sit the float up just crimped on the line to enable the float and the AAA to be slid up or down the line to suit the depth of the water. An old Clyde trick is not to use split shot at all but plasticine    As I have said earlier they are a bottom feeder and you need to get the bait down to them, no point in fishing at say 4 ft when the fish are at 6 ft they won’t come off the bottom to get to the bait. Maggots can also be used in the same manner as above but with a single hook. Also a combination of a red tag and single maggot does work as well..
Well known Grayling flies include klinkhamers  Czech nymphs red tags and shuttlecocks along with other trout patterns . Flies tied to resemble small pink shrimps have also found to be useful

A hare lug and pink bug

A pink shuttlecock

Tight lines..
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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Garden Stream

The Garden Stream also known as Soverign Gate and the stingy bit by some members.

 At the fly tying this thursday night beginners will tie a williams favourite and a Reids assasin

Reids assasin and Williams favourite.
Last week we made  wire and fur/tinsel dubbing ropes for bug/grub type flies
There was also a help topic on cutting and adjusting shooting heads for beginners

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Years gone bye

For anyone who has not seen this before. It can be found down around the Garden stream area of the river

Cant remember the proper date but think it was in feb 1830 the river Clyde was in a big spate,estate workers marked the wall as you can just make out in picture by  an oval  scribe and inscriptions on the cliff ,showing the level the river rose to. Next time i am down i will get the proper dates ,unless i manage to get hold of someone who will know.
I have posted some pictures to try and get an idea of the hieght which would have been about 14ft above a summer low this year
Tiny the dog is next apparently died sept 14th 1804,and the grave stone can be found in the undergrowth in the same area.I know its not fishing but i find these things interesting

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fly tying classes

 Fly tying has started again.Its held on a thursday night in Broomhouse community centre at 7.30pm,.Everyone is welcome even non members. Its not just beginners its for experienced tyers as well, or if you just fancy a cheap night out and a blether
So you might want to learn to tie one of these flies,or could show someone how to tie them

I have  created a small map that may help you get there please click on it if reqd


As you all know we have an agm on Friday 17/12/2010, at the community hall in fernigear, at 7pm
Here is a link to click on for a map that will hopefully be of help
My apolagies got dates mixed up will have to face the wrath of Mr Queen again so its is definatley  17/12/2010

Monday, 15 November 2010

Blantyre weir


This is a blog site we have created to run along with our main site
We are trying to keep more up to date with our members.
We hope to provide small articles films, pictures,and some more day to day goings on of items related to fishing the river clyde in the water controlled by Mid Clyde Angling Association
Please be patient just now as its only in the infant stages,and we plan to use more in the future
Thanks very much for your support