Sunday, 30 June 2013

A Lack Of Water

With the water being as low it is hard to believe that there is fish coming in.We have heard reports of fish showing all over our eight and a half miles of river,I myself was out yesterday for a couple of hours and saw at least four fish head and tailing in one run alone,one looked to be fresh the others just swirled on the top of the water so couldn't be sure if they were fresh or fish that have been in a wee while.
The river has been quiet with the water height being so low for the past couple of months  but we are hearing about fish getting caught from ten to fifteen pounds on both the fly and spinner and I am pleased to say that most of these fish have been returned,there has been a couple of fish caught with bite marks on them,we think that is down to the seals having a field day down at the Tidal Weir
Like most rivers we need lots of rain to swell the river and encourage fresh fish in from the estuary and hopefully the Grilse will arrive at the end of June start of August.Maybe even earlier.
The top of our beat. Bothwell Bridge

Tight Lines.

First Aid

Some of our Bailiffs and other members of the Trust attended a First Aid course yesterday morning at the Red Cross at Hillington.
The course was presented by Mark and his understudy Anne,my apologies to both as I cannot remember their surnames.
Some of the items that were covered were,Recovery Position,where we were split into pairs and took turns putting each other into this position,CPR,once again we were put into our pairs and practised it on the Annie Dolls,CPR on a drowning victim,CPR on kids,Heart attacks,how to identify Stroke victims,Chocking,Bandaging a wound and so on.
It was an intense and very enjoyable two hours after which we came away with the knowledge and confidence to help someone if the need occurred instead of being a bystander.
Thanks to Mark and Anne and also Alan Wright and the Trust for organising this course.
The Bridge pool
  Tight Lines