Thursday, 29 August 2013

Landward on Mid Clyde

The BBC programme Landward are doing a six part mini series on the Clyde From Source to Sea and approached us about doing a feature on their programme.
The film crew and presenter Dougie Vipond were at the weir this afternoon to film for the show.
MCAA founder Jim Delaney passed on some of his knowledge of the Clyde and explained about some of the problems the Clyde faces and the return of Salmon.

Dougie and Jim

 Dougie and the crew were amazed at the amount of fish they saw going up the fish pass.
Landward will be back on our screens in September,but Holly the producer is not sure what episode today's filming will be on.She promised to let us know.I will up date when I have this info.
Thanks to Dougie, the crew and a special thanks to Jim.
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Blog email address


The blog can now be contacted by email.

Our main web site has an update about this months fish kill on the news page.

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Cast you'r mind back

We would like to hear from any anglers who were fishing our waters from Saturday 20th July am until Sunday 28th July pm.
If you can remember seeing fresh fish showing anywhere in MCAA waters can you please let us know.
You can contact Kemp via the main website.
Thanks and as always.
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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Broomhouse Davie

Davie Cummings the manager from the Broomhouse hall where we hold our our fly tying has, after a short illness sadly has passed away. Davie was admitted to Monklands hospital but died on Sunday.
All at MCAA would like to send Davies family and friends our sincere condolences.
There will be a service for Davie at Daldowie Crematorium at 9.45 this Saturday 17th.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Fish on

Lucky fisher and new member to Mid Clyde Raymond Muir from Cambuslang landed a fish of nine pound this morning,it was caught at Sovereign Gait on the fly.

I spent most of to day on the river and saw lots of fish splashing about but very few anglers possibly a lot of them have been put of fishing our water because of the earlier fish kill ,I have only heard of four fish being caught this week Raymond's included.
As far as I am aware all fish were safely returned.
Tight Lines.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Not a pretty sight

Thanks to Davie Reid for the picture.
As the picture shows we have had a major fish kill Last Sunday
Below is an article from Mondays Herald
Monday 29 July 2013
The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency is investigating the discovery of around 180 fish washed up at Glasgow Green.

The fish, believed to be salmon, were found along a 100-yard stretch of the Clyde upstream of the tidal weir in the park.

A spokesman for Sepa said its officers are investigating.

He said: "It is far too early to say why this has happened and it could be due to any number of reasons, from some sort of spill to the recent heavy rains."

The fish were spotted by George Parsonage, of the Glasgow Humane Society, which has its base on the Clyde in Glasgow Green.

The article in the paper has mentioned 180 fish but it could be a lot higher,who knows,but whatever the number, it is not good news for the Clyde as a hen fish can carry 400 to 700 eggs per pound body weight so a hen at 10lb can have up to 7000 eggs .We are reliably informed there were fish of 20lb and over.
Please guys if you are lucky to get a fish this season,think of the future and return it.
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